How to Care Suar Wood Furniture?

Suar Wood Furniture is the exact choice for those who expose the richness of natural value. The grain of Suar Wood Furniture looks really luxurious and limited edition.

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Yet, will the beauty of Suar Wood furniture always be on your home? I said NO. Sure, it can’t be happened.

Many things such as pollution and weather will be the serious threat for Suar Wood Furniture. We need to care Suar Wood Furniture to keep The Suar Wood Furniture still stay in their beauty and luxury.

How to care Suar Wood Furniture on your home?

Before we are going to the tips how to care Suar Wood Furniture on your home, Please prepare the following utilities :

Firstly, personal protection care (latex gloves and masks).
Secondly, duster.
Thirdly, clean clothes.
Fourthly, polish from Pledge or Teak Oil from Ultran. You may choose the other brands that available in the closest Supermarket.

The steps to care Suar Wood Furniture,

First, wear the personal protection care (latex gloves and masks). Wearing latex gloves and mask to protect your hands and keep your breath .

Second, clean the dust with duster in every parts of Suar Wood Furniture.

Third, pour the polish or teak oil on clean cloth.

Fourth, mop the cloth onto Suar Wood Furniture. Mop to all parts of the Suar Wood Furniture, never missed a part. Mop all in medium power.

Fifth, let the polish or teak oil is absorbed, let stand 10-15 minutes.

Your Suar Wood Furniture will be beautiful as like as new. Don’t clean the Suar Wood furniture too much to keep the finishing coat still  Care it when it is dull. This tip is appropriate for all suarwood furniture.

For the easiest tips, you can go through our Youtube channel on How to Care Suarwood Furniture?

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