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Suar Wood

Suar wood is special wood that is well know with the quality, unique shape and beautifull grain. In Indonesia, this wood can be easily found in Kalimantan (Borneo), Sumatra, Java, Maluku (Moluccas), Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi. Suar, which in Latin is Samanea saman is often called rain tree or monkey pod. And in Indonesia it is often called trembesi or meh. The term “trembesi” for Indonesian society in general and the term “Meh” (Javanese languange) especially for Jepara people which means “almost”. The Suar tree can naturally grow up to a height of 25 meters. Suar tree has almost similar with Teak because Teak wood is known by many people for its quality. So, this wood is an alternative of Teak wood to make various furniture products.

Suar wood grow quickly than Teak wood and Suar wood has a large size than Teak wood. Thus, it is easy to find Suar wood in the form of large solid slabs.

Talking about wood, we will talk about natural materials which have several natural properties, such as holes, cracks, and moisture content. Holes and cracks are unavoidable.

High moisture content will cause the wood to become unstable in extreme weather. The finishing result of Suar wood which is still high in water content will also appear moldy / moldy bubbles. The white wood of the Suar is very susceptible to infestation by fleas and fungi.

But behind some of the obstacles that exist in Suar wood, this wood has an appeal. The beautifulness and uniqueness of Suar wood is the natural wood grain makes Suar wood look very nice and elegant for making furniture. In addition, Suar wood with solid wood slabs the price is cheaper than Teak wood. Furniture from Suar wood is suitable for filling your home, office, cafe, restaurants and etc. This is what makes furniture from Suar wood is very popular in local market and International market.

In this time, Mayasa Gallery will discuss the advantages of our Suar wood product. This discussion is evidence of our service to make sure that Suar wood is a special product for you. We professionally serve the best quality for the local and International customer. More than 16 years we stimulate to create and develop innovative design. With our integrity and experience in the furniture sector, we always provide the best quality furniture to you. Here is the advantages of Suar wood from Mayasa Gallery :


As we know, the moisture content of Suar wood is more than Teak wood. Therefore, it’s requires maximum dryness for best quality. Mayasa Gallery use the Kiln Dry method with a professional machine for drying wood. This is the best way to reduce the moisture content in the wood so that the wood is completely dry. We dry the wood for 30 days and sometimes more to get the dryness. We always check the mositure content in every week with moisture content test. The average of moisture content out ouf chamber is 10%.

The benefit of dry wood is no fungus, no insect, and doesn’t cause the problem in the future. You have to be careful choosing the furniture product of Suar wood because not all the seller use same method. Your furniture product is an investment for your dream home.

As a result of drying the wood, cracks are sometimes found. But these cracks are the maximal cracks of wood. This means that it will no longer crack during extreme weather or after use. Thus, our solution to cracked wood is to patch it. We try to keep the patch neat, colored, smooth, and as natural as possible. And it all depends on the request of the buyer, if buyer wants to be patched or left to remain natural. You can see our technical video and patch results at Youtube Mayasa Gallery


Nowdays, Suar wood is very demand in the market. Not only in Indonesia but also in the International market. We have a good quality, this is proven that we have exported our furniture products in the Netherlands, USA, Korea, and others. With our experienced, we believe that the center of furniture manufacturer is Indonesia especially in the Jepara. Many customers have been satisfied with Mayasa Gallery products which have quality export and affordable prices.


We have a hundreds of ready stock Suar wood slabs for our customer. In the other place, customer cannot freely choose the wood that he wants. But, Mayasa Gallery provide a hundreds of ready stock Suar wood slab in the database with the size and also code that written in the slabs. This is will make it easier for customer to see the details. By giving our customer the freedom to choose the slabs that will be used as their products like dining table, bar table and others it is our commitment to provide the best service for you.


The wood is a natural material, we don’t know what will happen in the future maybe curved or crack. Thus, with our experienced we put the iron stick into the wood so that the wood doesn’t curved and crack. Because if it is curved or crack it will be cause more problems in the future. We always try to keep the quality and do the best for our customers.


We realize that every natural material must get it’s own treatment in order to be durable. To maintain the durability of furniture, the chemicals is very important to use. The application of chemical is done to eliminate insect and fungus. Because this problem will be affect the durability of your furniture. We use the best chemical for our products in every steps of application. Starting from the step the wood enter in the oven, after out of the oven, then before we sell it to customers.


We always provide the best packing for our customers. Therefore, the packing of our product cannot escape from attention. We use the double packing method, we use single face for the first apply then we apply with carton for the last pack. For the International customer we add the wooden pallet as needed when we ship worldwide. It is safe the product during in the shipping.


As we experience in the furniture sector, we realize that we have to maintain the quality of our furniture so that buyers come back and buy our furniture. Unmitigated we use a variety of quality materials such as quality iron. Usually this iron is used as a table leg, chair, etc. In addition, we also use quality machines, glues, cushion, finishing paints, and so on. We do all of this so that the quality of our furniture is maintained.


We always try to keep the best service for our customers. Threfore, we are always transparent in doing this business with our customers. We always inform the customers in every steps of the process by photo or video. Starting from the choosing of slabs, service, finishing until the product ready to ship. So there is a transparancy between sellers and customers.


With our integrity, we guarantee of our product so that the customer and seller can trust each other. Mayasa Gallery is committed to be much more listening and understanding the customer feedback to build long term relationship. By giving us the proof by photo or video of the problem when our product is damaged, you can discuss with us to find the solution. With various facts about the advantages of Suar wood from Mayasa Gallery, it is no exaggeration to say that our furniture is the best quality products. Don’t hesitate to buy funiture from us.


Although Suar wood has a disadvantage, namely the amount of moisture content is higher than teak which can cause fleas and mold. With more than 16 years of experience we are able to work on and present Suar wood furniture very well for buyers.

With the various advantages of our Suar wood furniture, namely using the kiln dry method, export quality, the use of iron stick, the use of insect and fungal chemical, the use of quality materials, warranty of product, and others, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our products.

Based on the facts of the superiority of Suar wood furniture from the Mayasa Gallery, it is no exaggeration to say that the furniture we produce is the best quality furniture. Don’t hesitate to buy furniture from us.


Mayasa Gallery provide various service in ordering our furniture through online market place such as Etsy Mayasa Gallery, Shopee Mayasa Gallery, Bukalapak Mayasa Gallery, and Tokopedia Mayasa Gallery. You can see the reputation of our shop and you will feel comfortable and safe in conducting every transaction with us. You don’t need to worry in the midst of this pandemic, you can make transactions safely and comfortably from home. Stay safe and healthy. Beside that, we also have the social media like Instagram Mayasa Gallery, Facebook Mayasa Gallery, Youtube Mayasa Gallery to see our product and process of production.

Nowdays, the google maps is very helpful to find Mayasa Gallery showroom. Please click here and you will be directed to the google maps where Mayasa Gallery is. We will serve the best service we you come in Mayasa Gallery and we are waiting for your arrival to see our product and our quality.

The quality of the products that you use is the reflect quality of yourself.

Hopefully, this article can help you in choosing the best furniture especially from Suar wood. Thanks.

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