The Best Furniture Spot in Jepara

Filling your home, office and rooms with the best furniture is an essential needed. That’s why, it’s an important part for choosing an interested furniture that appropriate with your pocket. In looking for an interested furniture, low prices and many choices, you can visit Jepara! Jepara is the Best Furniture Spot ever.

Jepara is the Best Furniture Shopping Center

Jepara is located in northeast of Semarang right on the northern coast of Java. If you start from Semarang,you can spend 2 hours arrive to Jepara. This city is well known as the furniture wood carvings. Jepara “Kota Ukir” is the a giant furniture market in Indonesia, since almost all of wooden utilities and wooden furniture can be produced here. That’s why The Best Furniture Spot is in Jepara.

Furniturew Craft Man
Furniture Craft Man

The high number of Jepara societies are furniture entrepreneur and furniture craft man. Their contribution to serve various models of furnitures lead Jepara to reach the popularity. The Popolarity of Jepara as a central of furniture and carving market well known from the local until international. This popularity arise because of the proven, the quality, the various, the unique and the low prices of the products.

So, where is The Best Furniture Spot in Jepara?

1. Industrial Center of Statue and Relief Mulyoharjo (Sentral Industri Patung dan Ukir Mulyoharjo).

Sentra Industri Seni Patung dan Ukir Mulyoharjo Jepara
Sentra Industri Seni Patung dan Ukir Mulyoharjo Jepara

Located in the North of Jepara, Industrial Center of Statue and Relief Mulyoharjo is in Mulyoharjo Village, Jepara Sub District. Industrial Center Mulyoharjo is a residential areal that is transformed into Jepara Furniture Market. You can rich this Industrial Center only for 5-10 minutes from the city center.

Over there, all kinds of furniture from suar wood, recycled boat, mahogany wood, sono wood, pinus wood and teek woods are easy to find.
You are easy to find out the furniture showrooms in line with your way.
Never mind to take a walk here, since Industrial center of Mulyoharjo has a nice street. While you are looking for your furniture needed, you also can be healthier by take a walk.

Don’t miss to visit “Mayasa Gallery.” Mayasa Gallery offers you natural suar wood table. with tight quality control, communicative service, and already trusted by European, Asian, Australian, and American wholesaller.

2. Tahunan


Sentra Furniture Tahunan
Sentra Industri Furniture Tahunan

Tahunan is located 5 km from Jepara City Center. It is on Soekarno-Hatta Street. It is a market for the products of calligraphy, ornaments, accessories, cabinets, bed and chest of drawers. You can also find a variety of the furniture with carvings typical of Jepara.






3. Senenan

Sentra Industri Furniture Senenan
Sentra Industri Furniture Senenan

The location of Senenan is next to Tahunan. Senenan has the center of relieve industry. The location is in front of R.A. Kartini Hospital.Over there you can find many showrooms of Jepara carving relief, Majapahit carving relief and statues. Visit Jepara! You can bring the high quality furniture with the low prices.

Happy Shopping!


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