When you mark your calendar with the hospital visits, other tasks automatically revolve around them. As a family, we have worked towards ensuring flexibility in our work routines to suit my father needs. Holidays are planned to spend quality time with him, and leaves are adjusted to ensure that at least one family member is […]

She definitely looked like she deserved to share the octagon with a high level opponent like KK. However, I agree with you that KK was the rightful winner and it would have been properly declared a robbery if she lost.I don know if I remembering that fight correctly, but I think Felice definitely could have […]

HomepetsKaos, hero dog of 2016 Italian earthquake, poisoned to deathKAOS, the German shepherd hailed Italy’s “hero dog” after finding survivors after the 2016 earthquake, has been found dead from suspected poisoning. A bell tower at the Sant’Agostino church in the city collapsed as a result of the quakes, Le Repubblica reported. The earthquakes and heavy […]

The 2015 Super Cup champion and Bundesliga player of the year, 24 year old Kevin de Bruyne has been making a lot of teams interested in him including Manchester City. There have been speculations that Man City are interested in buying him this transfer season. After not being able to make the first team at […]

I moved here, it was difficult to find fresh tamarind to make the Sinigang soup stock, she recalls. Had to resort to using pre made Sinigang soup stock mix, but still missed the authentic and natural taste of the tamarind. The availability of ingredients for Asian cuisines has improved exponentially in the past decade as […]